Phil Busch Experienced Software Craftsman

Hi, I'm Phil. I'm a Software Craftsman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

Currently, I'm at Layer One as a Software Development Manager, where I am leading client projects and honing our engineering practice. At Layer One, I am spending a lot of time architecting and doing strategic technical consulting to help our clients build their marketing and eCommerce stacks.

The technologies I use are always changing, but I like to keep these things constant in the work I do:

  • Writing scalable and testable code
  • Learning new technologies
  • Clean architecture
  • Creating interactions between individuals on projects

I have a technical background in delivering for the web. I have experience in .NET, Java, and many front end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Gatsby. I have over a decade of experience delivering with these technologies in various verticals, including marketing tech, insurance, and material handling.

I like to share the knowledge I have with others in a written form. Please check out what I have to say on my blog. Additionally, I contribute to Deglutino, a blog focused on software development approach and craft.

I also speak publicly from time to time. You can see a catalog of my previous meetup talks on my speaking page.

Want to chat? Shoot me an email: phil dot busch at gmail dot com. Or, find me on LinkedIn.

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